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Friday, March 11, 2016

China Bistro

I've been on a Chinese food kick lately and since I haven't made a new post in forever, I thought this would be a good place to start.  I'll start with the service, easy because there wasn't much interaction.  It's a very fast food type setting where the only customer service interaction was ordering your food.  And for the 2 minutes I spoke with the cashier she seemed very nice.  It wasn't very busy though, when I went, me and a friend were the only ones eating in.  Now for the aura, if you were to close you eyes and open them quickly your initial reaction would be that it was a Mexican restaurant, it doesn't really give off the vibe of a Chinese restaurant at all. 

And lastly and most importantly the food.  This Chinese food was decent.  Decent is about it.  It wasn't overly greasy, it wasn't overly fresh, it wasn't extraordinary, and it wasn't terrible.  If you're looking for some perfectly average Chinese on a day where you're just craving it, this would be on my list of places to go.  I ordered brocclic chicken and egg roles.  If there were to be a good highlight for the food it would probably be the egg roles.
  I have yet to find just AMAZING Chinese food in Omaha.  If I find that place, the one that you'd drive twenty minutes out of the way for in the middle of the night, I'll let you know.  I would give this place 2.5 out of 5 bananas.  A place that if you're in the area may be worth trying but not necessary worth going too far out of your way for.

For directions to China Bistro click here.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Applebee's (Oakview Mall Location)

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I'm definitely not one that wants to do reviews on chain restaurants especially ones like Applebee's because  they're all the same.  You can usually go to one in one state and go all the way across the country and they'll taste the same and have the same atmosphere and decent service.  However I'm writing this review because even though I've been to many Applebee's in different cities and different states, this one isn't like the others.  I'm also not one that usually writes mostly negative reviews but I felt like I should write about this one because I complained about it enough outside of this blog.  I love Applebee's and go when I can.  I always order the chicken penne for a reference of those who go often as well as the spinach dip.  The first time I went to this branch was a few months ago and it wasn't the best experience.  The food was okay but after we got our meal we were completely ignored.  We had to get up and hunt a waiter down to even get a check.  I thought it was just a bad waitress or she was having an off night so we went back yesterday and it was just not the quality I'm used to when I go to Applebee's.  The service was a lot better, we had a very nice server that was attentive.  There were a few things I didn't like, the pepsi I ordered to go with my  meal tasted like dirty water mixed with the syrup that goes in soda.  Also whenever I go to another Applebee's I get small garlic bread to go with my pasta but I didn't get that at this location.  There isn't anything that would tell me in general to never go to the place again or anything that dramatic but it seems that each time we go there there are little things that give me a negative experience.  4 out of 16 bananas.

For directions to this Applebee's click here

Sunday, October 4, 2015

Bufflao Wings and Rings

So I'm going to throw this out here before I really even start.  When going to this place for the first time I didn't go with the intention of reviewing it like I have been when going to restaurants.  I'm not the type of person who normally takes pictures of their food and has to put it on Instagram immediately so I don't have any pictures for this review.  I went here with a small group of people when we couldn't think of anywhere else to go, They're sort of hidden away in a plaza that I normally wouldn't go to or think to go to. Since there are no pictures, are those are usually the fun part to reading things like this I'll make this one quick. 

The waitress we got, I think her name is Kaitlyn was awesome.  I love that she checked in on us frequently but sort of did it in passing so that she didn't linger awkwardly.  She was also very polite.  The next thing that I liked was the food.  It really made Buffalo Wild Wings, one of the most popular wing places that what almost everyone seems to love seem very overrated.  I genuinely liked this place better.  It was definitely smaller than any buffalo wild wings I've ever been to however the food quality was generally better.  The price was also better. The wings weren't soggy or so crunchy they were too hard, they were a perfect middle ground. I also happen to go during a Husker game and it wasn't so packed that it was intolerable like most places can get.  It was a mellow but fun environment. Everyone I went with loved their meals as well.  Since I don't have pictures or anything I thought I would leave the link to their website.

A place worth checking out if you are looking some wings at a decent price. For directions to the restaurant click here.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Crystal Jade

We went a little bit from what we've been doing with the blog and went with Chinese food today.  I read really good reviews online to find this place so I figured I'd have to try it out and see what I thought myself.  My first impression was how tucked away this place seemed.  It is right off 72nd near center but in my tunnel vision I've never even seen it before.  I think this can be a good thing  because when we went there were only maybe  four other groups of people there which was nice because it wasn't very loud and it was easy to talk to the person or people you dine with.  The next thing that stood out was when I walked in it seemed very clean cut compared to the other Chinese places I've been in Omaha.  The place was very put together and luckily today there was no confusion or embarrassment, you don't seat yourself a very nice waitress sits you.

 You've given a menu with a wide variety of options, oh....did I say menu? I mean novel.  It may seem strange but the menu is the next thing to stand out. The menu was crazy thick and it added to the aura of the restaurant.

The next notable item was the great service, the waitress we had was very pleasant and polite.  She wasn't difficult to understand like some places are and seemed very sincere.
My cohabitation partner ordered the crispy shrimp and fried rice.  Please keep in mind that this cohabitation partner is new to the world of Chinese food and ordered not off of habit but off of pure sea food love.  He says the sauce was perfectly sweet and tangy and very good, he isn't big on broccoli however that was even decent to him.  The shrimp isn't was really good and there was a perfect amount of sauce. It was perfectly cooked and not too greasy. 9 out of 10 oranges.

I ordered Broccoli chicken which was also pretty good.  The broccoli was perfectly cooked and so was the chicken.  The only thing I would add would be more sauce.  I got Lo Mein instead of rice and that was a bigger downside to this place. It was very plain and tasted like cooked spaghetti noodles.  If there were more sauce it would have been amazing.  I ended up using my boyfriends rice because that tasted way better than the lo mein, I'll definitely order that next time.  
The highlight of my order was the egg roll.  It wasn't too greasy, it was probably one of the better egg roles I've ever had.  Definitely worth getting.
This place has many small things that make it unique rather than being known for or having one great thing.  The cups also were a little unique.  I ordered a coke and it came in this glass with a handle which is a bit unusual and memorable. Another touch this place had that made it unique (see food pictures) is the food art that came along with the meal. Both meals came with different colored flowers made from what seemed to be some sort of fruit.  It had almost no taste so not to worry there.  It was also very affordable, less than $35 for the entire meal.  To summarize this restaurant I would say it was worth going to because of the small unique touches that make it a dining experience.  The food is good, affordable, good service and only really one thing that wasn't great for me and next time I'll just order the fried rice instead of lo mein. I'll be going back. 
For directions to Crystal Jade please click here.

Saturday, September 26, 2015

Brewsky's Food & Spirits (near84th and Q)

First tip for this bar and grill tucked away in a small strip mall near 84th and Q is you can seat yourself so don't stand by the door and wait for someone to see you, trust me you'll just look strange.  My first impression when walking in is that I was surprised by how much space the inside of the building actually had.  We choose not to sit in the building because it was so beautiful outside.  It was a very nice place to sit, they had flowers and a small wooden fence that closed the seating area off from the parking lot.

There were also TV monitors and I also noticed Keno screen but nothing was offered by the wait staff.  The wait staff was very pleasant when they came over to take our order, there appeared to be no uniform but they still looked clean and professional when dealing with our table.  We ordered mild boneless wings as an appetizer. They looked good when we got them but didn't taste special at all.  They were even a little hard and seemed to have more breading than meat on some pieces.  I'm a person who is very good with spicy foods so I didn't think they were too spicy however my boyfriend thought they were very hot.  I probably wouldn't order them again if I were to go back.
 As a main dish my boyfriend ordered the Western BBQ burger and he thought it was delicious. It had pickles, a sweet and zesty bbq sauce, onion, lettuce, and onion strings.  He said that all the ingredients were perfectly portioned and very fresh. Definitely suggest for other people.  9 out of 10 bananas.
I ordered the Philly sandwich.  I think the ingredients were very fresh on this as well and that really added to the flavor.  The portions of each ingredient were good as well.   I noticed the bread was toasted which helped it not get soggy at all while eating it which was good for a Philly.  Another thing that stood out about this that doesn't always work for similar sandwiches.  It wasn't really greasy.  Most philly's I've had end up being very greasy and the bread gets soggy if you don't eat it quickly however that wasn't the case here at all.  Unlike the sandwich the fries were very blah and didn't have any particular quality that stuck out to me.  If the had seasoned fries instead I think it would make the meal as a whole just have something extra to make me want to go back.  One positive was the cost, for everything we got it was under $40 which was pretty affordable. 
 One issue I did notice was the bees.  I understand that would be very difficult to maintain however I think the problem was worse than normal because there were many tables outside that weren't cleaned quickly after people left which attracted bees to the sweet drinks.  The only positive with this is that they weren't overly aggressive.  We were able to shoo them away.  My boyfriend actually slapped one and it just flew away and didn't seem to be interested in confrontation.
Overall I would probably go back here again, if it were nice outside.  That was the biggest positive to this place is on a beautiful day, eating outside was very nice.  The negative I would say were the blahness of the appetizer, I usually really like mild wings so they were pretty disappointing.
For directions to Brewsky's click here.

Saturday, September 19, 2015

Brew Burgers

 Original.  The first word that comes to mind after my first experience here is original.  They say that people form a first impression in the first second of seeing another person, I'm not sure if that applies here but I can say my first second reaction definitely didn't stick.  When walking in I was greeted with a strange smell that I can't put my finger mixed with beer.  The inside wasn't really anything special.  I went during a Nebraska game and it certainly wasn't packed but there were some people.  It was a very relaxed environment.
We ordered boneless buffalo wings as an appetizer. They were surprisingly good, I would probably go back just for them.  They were crunchy and had a thin sauce.  They were mild, decently hot but not overwhelming.
My boyfriend ordered was the Texas burger.  It had lettuce, tomato, onion strings, cheese, and fried jalapenos.  He thought it was a really good burger, very authentic.  He thought the portion size was perfect.  The only thing that could have improved was there were a few too many onion strings that he ended up taking off however if someone really liked onion strings, it could work for them.
I ordered a build your own burger.  The burger automatically comes with a few toppings and after that it's $.99 for each topping.  The overall cost however isn't terrible.  Less than forty dollars for two meals, to sodas, and and appetizer.  The burger was good, a little messy to eat however it was still very good.  They had many options as a side.  I decided on the normal fries that were pretty average.
There were a few things about this place that will make me come back, the first being how down to earth it felt.  The waitress was very nice and attentive without being over killing it.  While we were eating an older gentlemen offered us free jello shots, which were really good.  They had plenty of televisions for anyone that would want to watch what appeared to be any sports channel.  Also the menu had a unique selection, though we stuck with the basics next time we could get a buffalo burger and alligator bites!
For directions to Brew Burgers click here.

Sunday, August 23, 2015


Are you looking for a cross between fast food and a sit-down restaurant?  50's and modern styles?  Well then Fuddrucker's located at 7059 Dodge Street in Omaha, Ne is your place.  Fudderucker's is a franchise that is limited to only one restaurant in the entire state of Nebraska. If you're in the Omaha area, this place is worth checking out.
When walking in the first impression is exactly what I mentioned, it appears to be the prefect cross between modern and 50's styles.  There are old black and white pictures of 50's era celebrities all over the walls, even across from a modern touch screen soda machine.  They also have a very unique menu that includes a couple different types of meat such as buffalo, elk, or wild boar you can have as a burger instead of regular old beef.  
After you order they give you a small electronic square that will light up and vibrate when your food is ready.  I think this a very useful because you don't have to try to sit close enough to be able to physically see if your food is done, you get instant notification.  As I said earlier the beverage selection is very good because of the multi choice touch screen soda machines. Once you're notified that your food is ready, you are able to go to a condiment bar to add a wide variety of condiments to your food.  While going there I went outside the norm that is the "world's greatest burgers" and decided to get the nachos.  The quantity is very large, enough to share with other people and still get enough to be full.  I'm not usually a fan of stadium-stand grade nacho cheese but luckily this was far from it.  It also came with guacamole, sour cream, and pico.  I also went to the condiment bar and was able to add jalapenos and onions.  Easily some of the best nachos I've ever had.  

I also went there with my boyfriend who ordered a bacon cheese burger and fries.  After trying his burger I understand why he picked it.  While you're ordering you're able to order it exactly how well done...or not you'd like it.  They were very good about getting it exactly how you ordered it. All the vegetables such as lettuce, onion, tomato are fresh, even if they're at the condiment bar.  I would also suggest getting a classic milk shake. They serve it in older style glass cup with a cherry on top.  They also give you the extra from the blender in a metal cup, which works well for a two person meal.

Being that you don't have a waiter/tress you wouldn't think that there would be much service to make reference to however they seem to go above and beyond what would normally be expected.  The cashiers are always extremely polite, to the point of being memorable more often than not. Usually when I go there, an employee (who I'm assuming is the manager) goes around and asks if there is anything anyone needs.  
Also considering it's in close proximity to the University of Nebraska at Omaha and at the corner of 72nd and dodge, it's never "unpleasantly busy".
Lastly but to most people, especially college students like myself, is price. For fast food it would be rather pricey, for two people it's over $20 to go.  However for a sit-down type of restaurant it would be very cheap.   

All in all for the type of restaurant, flavor, aura, and service I would give it three and a half bananas on a banana scale.

For a map to Fuddrucker's click here